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Are You Happy Being You?

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Have you ever felt misunderstood by everyone around you? And have you ever felt trapped playing a role that wasn’t really you?

I know I have.

I saw a Facebook Live video of two friends recently, and what struck me was how Friend A deferred to allow Friend B to talk most of the time. And I wondered whether that bothered Friend A while she was doing it or if she just followed her heart.

And it reminds me of all the ways in which we make choices that either reflect or deflect our truest selves.

It’s one thing to have a perception of who you are. It’s another thing to be your own perception. For the longest time, I saw myself as the epic hero in a story that required my courageous action to save the day.

But then, I never ACTED heroic. I never practiced heroism. I had no obvious qualities that anyone would consider possible hints at a future hero reveal. And yet I was the hero in my own mind.

I was also a rockstar, a famous author, a world renown minister, and a top blogger. And for some reason, I was confused when people failed to recognize my greatness. Daydream much?

Which brings me to my point:

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It’s one thing to believe you’re the most interesting man in the world. But if you allow someone else to always have the spotlight and the first word, then you are most certainly never going to be widely considered the most interesting anything. If you allow others to take the spotlight, it’s time to acknowledge that you are the person who doesn’t get the spotlight.

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Why Isn’t Life Better Than This?

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Have you ever had a conversion experience, read the Bible for the first time, and wonder why the Church and the world doesn’t look more like what you just read? I mean, HAVE YOU READ the book of Acts?

That’s some intense amazing stuff happening over and over and over again. People getting freed from prison by angels. Diseases being cured by shadows! Visions and visitations and miracles and healings?  That sounds amazing. Who WOULDN’T want to live that life? But… why isn’t that happening every day where YOU live?

I know what it’s like to ask those questions. I basically just described my life and my questions as a 19 year old. I’d just given my life over to Jesus, and the first thing I asked my lifelong believer family members:

I just got saved. Now what?

Their answer: Get a Bible and read it. Start with the book of John and then read the book of Acts.

So I did. And boy did that mess me up. I mean, I grew up in the church – a charismatic church even – and I had no clear picture of the Acts storyline after the Upper Room. Maybe two or three brief stories put into songs, flannel boards, and picture Bibles. That was it.

The thing was, I took the Bible seriously. I took Jesus’ words seriously. When he said,

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father. Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.

Being the literal person that I am, I’m thinking, Okay… I believe in Him. So he said that I will do greater works than he did. And he will do whatever I ask in his name. That’s UH-MAZE-ING.

I want to do all the amazing stuff. Where do I get the ability to do that stuff?

Once you’ve read the book of Acts, it’s hard to feel anything but excitement and confusion. After all, if we are able to do what Jesus did, or even greater things than Jesus did, how do we start doing that?

His divine power has granted to us everything (all things) pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.

2 Peter 2:3-4

So where’s all that stuff I’ve been given that I’m not seeing?

As has been surmised before, the Charismatic movement has bred something of a welfare mentality among many of its followers. People who truly see themselves living in a state of lack, rather than wealth. They do their very best to drum up some positive mental imagery of being a son/daughter of the King, but ultimately they see what they don’t seem to have versus what the Bible says, and the logical conclusion is that there must be some way to get it. Maybe it’s passed down from one faith healer to the next.

I’ve been on an Arthur Burk kick for the past month or two. While telling his back story, he shared an honest dilemma he faced as a young man:

“I had this crazy belief that Christianity was made to WORK. So WHY was my Christianity so dysfunctional when I had the best theology and when I was trying so hard?” [Nurturing Your Spirit 1 – CD Set] [TO BE CONTINUED]

Can We Revoke Tick-Borne Disease From The Land?

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From the eastern coast of Connecticut all the way to Middle Tennessee, ticks have spread Lyme Disease, Apha-Gal, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and a host of other co-infections to millions of mice, deer, goats, sheep, cows, and yes, people.

Coming from suburban Fort Worth, Texas, I had no idea what a tick-infestation looks like. Today, after five years in rural Tennessee and tens of thousands of dollars in health treatments later, I can tell you that the tick epidemic is real.

How Lyme Has Spread

The unofficial version is that a government lab off the coast of Lyme Connecticut housed Lyme and many other dangerous diseases for the purposes of research and experimentation. The facilities were known to be substandard, and somehow Lyme disease got out. Ticks infected deer and mice. Ticks reproduce hundreds of spawn.

The infected animals carried ticks miles and miles away, where they nested and reproduced, then attached to more mice and deer, then traveled miles further, then reproduced, then attached to more mice and deer, until a wave of Lyme disease spread across the Eastern half of the United States.

Is it a Curse or a Consequence?

There are times when humans bring a curse upon the land as a result of their actions. The land was cursed because of Adam. The land was cursed because of Cain. The land was cursed in Noah’s day. The land was cursed in Daniel’s day. The land was cursed in Isaiah’s day. Over and over and over again, we see drought, pestilence, war, and famine as the result of persistent human failure.

How Can We Heal People With Lyme Disease?

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme there is a protocol that has shown significant ability to significantly reduce Lyme symptoms and possibly eradicate Lyme from the system. It was originally formulated to detox mercury, but some of the people on the protocol began having Lyme symptoms temporarily and then feeling significantly better.

These people did not know they had Lyme. Then the protocol was tested on some people who had already tested positive. And many of them recovered.

The protocol was developed by Dr. Chris Shay. That link will take you to a kit that covers more than half of the protocol. You don’t have to suffer endlessly.

How Do You Know This Protocol Works?

I know because I’ve had Lyme, and I’ve suffered tremendously for it. In 2014, I tested positive for Lyme. We spent a couple years with various doctors zeroing in on why I was so low energy and non-functional.

At my worst, I would wake up first thing in the morning, exhausted, and sit down at my desk to begin the work day. My ankles, feet, and knees would burn with pain so badly that I’d have to prop my legs up on a padded stool just to relieve some of the pain. According to my wife, I would ask her the same question five or ten times per day because I kept forgetting the answer.

I drove to town 30 minutes away at least half a dozen times and forgot to take my wallet with me. Every few sentences were jumbled because I couldn’t remember the words I was trying to use. The Lyme manifested as early onset dementia.

I lost my temper every day. I spoke gruffly to my family because everything irritated me because I was always in so much pain. It was too hard to get up. I would spend the first hour of the day washing yesterday’s dishes and cooking breakfast, and I was done for the day. Too much pain and energy loss to keep going.

Bottom line, I was useless. My family would have been better without me. And it was getting worse. One evening, I sat down with my wife and soberly acknowledged that I might not

I took the protocol for less than 6 months and most of my symptoms were gone.

How To Find Out If You Or Someone You Know Has Lyme

If you suspect that you or a loved one has Lyme, there is a particular blood test

I’m sad to report that I do not have the answer. Yet. But I believe they are out there. And I invite you to share your insights, research, and ideas on how to eliminate this pestilence and disease in our land.

The Master List of Things I Want To Learn More About

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There is no end to the topics that I would like to understand better, especially as they relate to my own personal growth and health and development as well as my family’s. Here’s a list of the topics that interest me. I’ll return to update as often as new topics occur to me.

Spiritual Humanity

  • The Garden of Eden
  • Man’s Purpose as Tied to the Garden and the Kingdom
  • The Function of Permaculture and Restorative Agriculture in Kingdom Life
  • Activating the Human Spirit
  • Healing the Human Spirit
  • Walking in Wholeness as a Believer
  • Ushering in the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven
  • Understanding How to Speak Differently to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • The role of Angels in our Lives
  • To What Degree We Have Permission and Authority to Engage with Angels and Spiritual Beings

Physical Health

  • How to Conquer Lyme Disease
  • How to Reverse Autism and Down’s Syndrome
  • How to Reverse Homozygous Genetic Mutations
  • How to Optimize Brain Function – Nootropics, Supplements, Meditation, Etc
  • How to Repel the Harm Caused by Wifi, Bluetooth, and LTE Signals
  • How to Reverse Food Sensitivities and Allergies

Natural Phenomena

  • Schumann Waves
  • How to Heal Drought-Ridden Lands
  • How to Prevent Creeks and Rivers from Draining into Subterranean Caverns
  • How to Thoroughly Purify Water without Chemical-Based Technology
  • How to Reverse the Plague of Ticks and Lyme Disease in America
  • How to Design a Perennial Food Forest
  • How to Recognize All the Types of Trees
  • How to Recognize All the Plants on Our Land
  • Sound Frequencies And Their Actual Effects on Us And All Creation
  • Time and Space and What Is Actually Possible For Us to Do With Both

Mental State / Well-Being

  • How to Overcome Lethargy
  • How to Overcome Fear of Failure
  • How to Get Unstuck
  • How to Achieve Mental Clarity and Focus
  • How to Utilize a Greater Percentage of the Brain
  • Unlocking what the Brain Was Created to Do

How Did You Pick These Topics?

These are just the issues that matter most to me because they directly affect my life or the lives of the people I love deeply. I am not built for allowing a lifespan to pass by without making some significant progress for posterity. We MUST move the ball forward.

I believe that Jesus WILL return to this earth. But I don’t think it’s all on Him as to when that happens. Sure, He already knows when it will happen, but His knowing isn’t so much about His planning as it is His timeless awareness of every decision we will make and every action we will choose. I believe He awaits a pure and spotless Bride, and I believe that means He is waiting for US to put the work in that is required to become masters in the things of the Kingdom and to master our role as stewards on the earth. He is coming back for a fit and healthy Bride.

Does that sound like who we are currently? If not, then I suggest we have quite a lot of work left to do.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Following the Arthur Burk tradition, I leave this open because I want you all to have a voice, and I want you to share your voice with me. I will not solve most of these questions on my own. Hopefully you will contribute to my understanding as I contribute to yours. Hopefully we will build a repository of useful humanness to which the entire earth can benefit. Together we will present ourselves a living sacrifice, pure and holy and worthy to be wed to the King above all kings.

And as always, if you have a suggestion for a pursuit of study, please list it in the comments below. Together we are going to prepare the next generation for a more victorious life than we ever knew.

Does God Choose Who Becomes President?

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When you push the button to cast your vote for President, are you making your choice or is God making it for you? Does God give you free will while forcing others to choose His way? It’s a simple question, but the responses I’ve received were less than convincing.

Think about it. Some people believe that God chooses who will be President. And yet, some portion of them (perhaps even a majority) believe they simultaneously have free will. So they choose without God dictating who they choose, and yet God’s man (or woman) gets elected every time.

I’m not sure you can actually believe that.

The Fundamental Question of Our Time

If you’re not a Jesus follower, I’d expect this topic to be a bit offensive or unnerving. You might feel better if you just click away from this discussion and read some other story that confirms what you already believe to be true.

But if that’s not your choice, I welcome you to remain and consider the possibilities:

The Case for God Choosing Who Becomes President

I have a friend who inspired this article by his Facebook post. He began by empathizing with friends who are disappointed and even angry that Donald Trump was elected President. He admits that his preference was another man in the Republican Party. But over time he sought the Lord to inquire about His choice, and he heard that Trump was God’s choice for this hour. 

His argument begins with Romans 13:1. No one is given authority unless it comes from God, so therefore God wanted this man to be our President for this particular moment in human history. And if authority comes from God, then Trump’s election came from God. And if God chose Trump, how could you bear to oppose God’s choice? 

He asked:

The question I want to ask those of you that despise Trump is this: what if you’re wrong? What if the things you say against this man are resisting God’s will for the country? We are called to pray for our leaders (as we did with Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc). I understand disagreeing on policy (I disagreed with a large portion of Obama’s policies), but that’s different than hating a God-appointed individual.

I have known this man for a good ten years. I know his character. I trust him. I respect him. I am grateful to know him. He was an example of humble and eager willingness to serve others. And yet I don’t agree with this worldview. I believe God made man in his image – to continue the sacred act of stewardship and creation. And our nation chose to be a democratic republic, and so we vote for our leaders based upon who we want (or based solely upon who we don’t want).

What if God Doesn’t Choose Who Becomes President?

I don’t consider election results to be an act of God because in his wisdom he gave us the power to elect. He has chosen to allow us to steward amazing gifts and free will. I don’t believe God can or would fix an election, because we have based our government on His very same principal of free will.

I see divine election tampering as similar to God being unable to lie. He doesn’t violate himself. So I neither give God the credit for our election results, nor do I give him the blame. It is an honor and a privilege to represent the King of Creation in every election I participate in. I am expressing my understanding of God’s sovereign will by choosing who I want to be president. And I believe God honors that.

Either I am free to vote my choice or I’m not. If every man and woman exercises their free will as they cast their ballots, then the election is decided by the people.

Many people in history have seemed to carry an unusual amount of favor with others, and that contributes to their success.

But to me, it’s the same as praying for the sick. I don’t pray for the sick very often. I seek the Lord and I declare them well. I call forth the result because I am an ambassador of the King. I represent him. He doesn’t do all the work because he put me in a position to represent him.

That is how delegated authority works. Our nation has delegated equal voice and rights to each voter.

My friend’s response:

First, I agree that we represent God (in every aspect of our lives) including how we vote. As a democratic republic there is a responsibility to vote according to those principles… I agree 100%. However, I do not view God-ordained elected officials as divine tampering, but as answered prayer. When we cry out for righteousness in America, those answers frequently come in the form of people. Leaders are manifestations of the spiritual state of the nation (particularly the nations that have covenant with God). The opposite is also true when the nation declares a rejection of God and their desire to pursue sin, He will give them an unrighteous leader, that will lead them into judgement.

I would also suggest two other notions: (1) God still has influence on the thoughts/opinions of people (even if they are lost) without violating their free will (2) God doesn’t have to abide by free will, although He usually chooses to. (1) Modern examples of the first assertion are: lost people repenting and coming to Christ (the desire to repent starts with God) and the Muslim man in Father of Lights granting favor to the crew to enter (and record) the Dome at the Rock. Scriptural examples: Nehemiah having favor from Xerxes, Joseph finding favor with the Pharoah, God prophesying through Caiaphas, etc.

(2) Delegating authority is not the same as relinquishing authority. If a sheriff deputizes an individual, that new officer has the authority to enforce the law… however the sheriff has not relinquished his authority. Likewise, while God has delegated authority to us in Christ… He has not forfeit His authority. God giving us free will does not mean He is relegated to only responding to our decisions, but is still fully capable of rendering His own judgment and decisions.

What Are Useful Humans?

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Have you ever met a couple and wondered how they could coexist? One of them is always GO GO GO and the other is always SLOW SLOW SLOW. Maybe in decades past it was the wife more often than not who might mooch off the husband by sitting at home “watching soap operas and eating Bonbons” while her husband worked hard to support his family. Granted, it’s a stereotype, but it serves a purpose. What shocks me in the early decades of the 21st Century is how many young couples I meet where the wife is the highly functional person while the husband drifts through years of malaise.

Have you seen those couples?

You know, the wife plans the meals, shops for groceries, washes the clothes, cleans the dishes, vacuums the floors and makes sure the kids take their vitamins and brush their teeth. She knows what grades her kids get in school and she deals with behavioral outbursts in real-time. She saves money when possible to plan for that dream vacation or new car and she makes sure the kids always have clothes that fit their rapidly growing bodies.

Meanwhile the husband punches a clock at some corporate job and tunes out for at least half the day while he daydreams of a better life. Or he checks Twitter every 10 minutes for the latest sports news. Or he plays Candy Crush on his phone instead of finishing his project.  Or he talks to his coworker in the neighboring cubicle about the latest White House scandal.

When he comes home, he’s bone dry. No life left in him. He plops down in a chair and turns on the tv or heads out to the garage to tinker or maybe he doesn’t even go home. Maybe he stops at a sports bar or the driving range just to unwind. Meanwhile, the wife actively manages everything without him.

Hitting Too Close to Home?

If I’m painting too vivid a picture, it’s because I know this scenario all too well. I was THAT GUY. For years, I worked a job I hated, came home to tune out to the rest of the life, and woke up the next day to rinse and repeat.

I’ve been that guy who lives somewhere between dream, idea, and reality… and accomplishing little because of it. Despite providing a respectable income for my family, I wasn’t very useful.

I couldn’t make my own food. I certainly couldn’t grow or raise my own food. I couldn’t fix a machine – of any type. I couldn’t tell what kind of weather was imminent. I couldn’t navigate without familiar markers. I couldn’t build a business from the ground up. I couldn’t provide for my family’s needs without the structure of a third party corporation.

I had to choose who I was going to be. Was I going to be a useless leech? Or was I going to face the music?

News about our current ecological climate shook me enough to question whether my family was truly safe… whether they would be provided for next year and the year after that and the year after that. I realized that I took a lot of things for granted.

I assumed I would always be able to find an 8-5 job that would send me money every two weeks. The checks would always come, and they’d always clear. The groceries would always be stocked in the grocery store. The electricity would always be there when I flipped a light switch. The gas would always be ready to heat my home. The water would always flow magically to my sink from the great invisible unknown. My neighbors would always be hospitable. It would always be safe to walk the street of our neighborhood. My roof would always stay sealed. My foundation would always hold strong.

It’s crazy to think that those permanent things might actually change or disappear. That just doesn’t happen. It’s just silly to think that our system would ever glitch for more than a day or two after a storm.

But then again, I couldn’t shake

It wasn’t a single choice that gave clarity to everything. It was a baby step here, a bad decision there. Decision after decision until I found myself on a path.